Wasatch mountains


The Wasatch mountains overlooking Salt Lake City. View from 11th avenue Park.

I have wanted to sketch the Wasatch mountain range for a long time. Watching the mountains bathe in the receding yellow and orange sunlight from the 11th avenue park was one of my favorite thing to do. After hesitating many times and some failed attempts, this piece of the mountain range is the best I managed.


Tree carcass


On hiking trail Mill D Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City



Before leaving Utah, I went on a trip to Southern Utah with Nancy and Goti. We went to Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon in Utah and Grand Canyon North Rim in Arizona.


The Bryce Zion Campground is roughly equidistant from Bryce and Zion. The campground office and laundry were housed in this building.


We went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This was a view from the visitor center, which itself was quite nice. The different layers in the canyon walls were amazing. We were busy hiking and exploring most of the time but took a day off in Grand Canyon, and hence found time to sketch.


I was at Pensacola Beach, Florida for the ‘Geometric group theory on the Gulf’ conference. The weather was windy and stormy for two out of the three days I was there. The beach is known for its white sand.





My stay in Berkeley is almost coming to an end. I was at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), Berkeley for a semester.  During my time in Berkeley I did some sketches on iPad pro using the app called Procreate.

the_eyeAddison and Oxford Street: ‘The Eye’. It is part of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA). They were showing the presidential debates on this screen.

solano_aveAt Solano Avenue and Colusa Avenue.


From the stairs going down from MSRI building to the parking lot, looking at MSRI.


Cordonices Park. There was a lot of foliage but I took too much time drawing the tree trunks that it started to get dark before I could draw the leaves. Hence the trees were left bare.


View from Berkeley Rose Garden.


View from MSRI.


View from MSRI. The sunset was gorgeous that day. We went to look at it from Ken’s office and then later from Mark’s office.

Watercolors – Wash 2

Here are some watercolor paintings I painted in the class I took in Spring 2016. We were using the technique of wash in layers.


The last painting is a sunset I saw at Wisconsin Madison last summer (plein air attempt is here) when I was visiting for a math workshop. I made this painting from a photograph I had taken then.


I have been on some hikes this summer in and around Salt Lake City. I take a picture on my phone and come home and sketch it on my iPad pro with the Apple Pencil. Ideally I would like to carry my iPad on the hike but I am afraid to spoil it.


Church Fork, Milcreek Canyon


I don’t know what this hike is called but the trailhead was on 18th Avenue in Salt Lake City. This is a sketch of the City Creek Canyon as seen from the hill we were on.


Living Room, Salt Lake City. This hike starts on campus. It is called Living room hike because there are stone structures on top which resemble a sofa, chair etc.


Days Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon. We did this hike in the middle of May and there was still so much snow!

I don’t have sketches from two other hikes, ‘Mill B North Fork’ in Big Cottonwood Canyon and ‘Bowman Fork’ in Milcreek Canyon.